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Pavilion Mall presents Pavilion Perks, a first of its kind mall loyalty program in the entire region. This is just one more in the list of reasons that we give you for a great shopping experience, right in the heart of the Ludhiana.


Pavilion Perks; as a mall loyalty program is a reward program and is designed to add value to you for each and every single rupee that you spend at Pavilion. Perks members can accumulate loyalty points and then redeem those points for gifts or vouchers available exclusively for Pavilion Perks members

As a plus now Pavilion Perks offers membership tiers. You move up in tiers as you spend more at Pavilion. This means more value to you. Please see below for what the membership tiers offer:

4 tiers of Perks will be established

  • Blue – Spending 0 – 30,000 over 90 days makes you a Blue member
  • Silver – Spending 30,001 – 60,000 over 90 days makes you a Silver member
  • Gold –Spending 60,001 – 1Lac over 90 days makes you a Gold member
  • Platinum – 1 lac+ spends over 90 days makes you a Platinum member

The customer has to spend the minimum amount in each tier every 90 days to maintain the tier. Spending less or more will lead to a tier change

Annual SpendsTierEarn Rate


Up to 30,000



30,001 to 60,000



60,001 to 1,00,000







Sign up for the Pavilion Perks today. All you need to do is, launch the app on Chrome/Safari browser using the QR code or the link https://pavilion.boomerup.com/ and Register/ Login with your phone number. Click on Add to Homescreen pop-up or from your Chrome/Safari browser menu. Upload your bills & unlock your favourite brand coupons with Pavilion Perks points.

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