Overall Precautionary Measures

  • Plan store openings keeping COVID-19 in mind
  • Provide thermo-guns to screen all personnel for fever and Cold & inform Mall Management immediately in case of emergency
  • Get signed self-declarations on health conditions by all personnel on store.
  • Isolation room has been facilitated by Mall management where someone who is feeling unwell or has symptoms can be safely isolated
  • Mall management has formed Rapid Response Team to monitor mall customer & employees with infections / symptoms and will take necessary actions
  • Install no-touch trash bins, instruments such as sneeze guards / protective screens at checkouts/cash counters
  • Encourage employees to use their private vehicles while commuting to work. Consider providing fuel allowance.
  • Encourage quick shopping options like order on phone and pick from outside the store.

Social distancing Measures

  • Make floor markings to ensure social distancing
  • Set up prioritized shopping hours for vulnerable and elderly customers.
  • Manage stores with minimum number of staff with staggered days as footfall may not be high even after lifting of the lockdown
  • Define the maximum customer occupancy inside a store basis the size of the store

Sanitization Measures

  • Install sanitization products, and preventive guideline posters at all entry and exit points
  • Disinfect surfaces, including doorknobs, handrails, the POS system, tables and desks, front entrance, carts, registers and bathrooms at regular intervals for the entire duration a store is open.
  • Provide PPE kits, Bio-Degradable gloves, masks to staff
  • Place sanitizing hand rub dispensers at prominent places around the workplace make sure these dispensers are regularly refilled.
  • Ensure social distancing by keeping a distance of at least 1.5 meters between employees
  • Mandate the staff using public transport to sanitize themselves before entering the store
  • Encourage customers to use cleaning stations to wipe trolleys, basket, etc.

Display, Merchandizing and Sampling


  • Ensure trial rooms are disinfected with spray, pre and post each customer trial to build customer confidence and for staff safety
  • Request customers to wait for 5 minutes to iron clothes, wherever
  • Possible, with availability of steam iron before packing, so that the product is free of contaminants
  • Ensure no customer or staff touches merchandise without proper sanitization
  • Encourage customers to only touch what they intend to purchase
  • Set up a process wherein tried garments are kept in dedicated trial rooms.
  • Set up a process wherein hangers are retrieved and kept in a separate carton marked ‘TO BE SANITIZED’ in the trial room aisle area. These hangers to be sanitized before reuse.
  • Ensure trial room tokens are sanitized after every use.

Customer Sales

  • Billing & Payment process
  1. Encourage contactless payment options such as Paytm, Google Pay, UPI
  2. Mandate cashiers to extend a tray to receive or return currency / cards for payments.

Support Expected From F&B Partners

  • Ensure plenty of cash tills and mobile checkouts to reduce billing time
  • Adopt measures to sanitize cash before it gets accepted,
  • Ensure cashiers wear gloves while dispensing cash
  • Replace physical bills with softcopy to be sent to customers via email / SMS
  • Allow customers to exit the store if there is no beep. Do away with bill punching / checking of carry bags post purchase
  • Direct customers to collect sanitized shopping bags from bag holder.

Billing & Other Staff

  • Make it mandatory for shop staff to wear face masks. Dispense with handshakes; use a non-contact method for greetings
  • Make it compulsory for employees to wash their hands when they arrive and every time they enter the premises, as well as frequently throughout the day

Food & Beverage establishment Guideline

  • Restaurants to operate at 50% capacity.
  • Mandatory use of gloves and masks for staff.
  • Maximum 4 seats per table with a social distance between tables of minimum 2.5m.
  • Only disposable cutlery / utensils and take away packaging.
  • Daily restaurant sanitization to be done.
  • Continuously follow up on food control authorities updates on latest regulations.
  • Tables and chairs to be sanitized / cleaned more frequently as well as floor mopping.
  • Hand sanitizers should be placed at all outlet counters and at various locations at the food court.
  • Back areas, dish-wash areas, garbage areas to be cleaned & sanitized every hour